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Building the foundation for an autonomous future

SafeAI is at the forefront of a movement to transition heavy industry to connected and autonomous worksites.

accelerate the world’s transition to autonomous mining and construction.


Since 2017, we’ve been proving the value and impact of autonomous vehicle technology for heavy industry — and we’re now entering an era of massive industry adoption.

Our open and interoperable solution is giving off-highway equipment owners access to vehicle-agnostic autonomy that previously didn't exist. The significant value of this is demonstrated through gains in increased worksite productivity, safety and cost savings. Enabled by autonomy, each vehicle can add approximately 1,000 additional hours of productivity per year. It’s the difference between capital projects being completed in four years instead of five, and significantly under or over budget.  

This is the beginning of a new era for heavy industry — an era that is smarter, safer and more productive than ever.  We’re excited to be leading the charge.

Our approach

To successfully pave the path to autonomy, it takes a village. Our approach isn’t reliant on one or two key players — it’s a global ecosystem of resources and talent that’s collectively represented by our customers, partners, resources and the SafeAI team.


Our construction and mining customers are central to our mission. We work alongside them to understand their unique challenges and pain points, and to jointly map out their path to fully connected and autonomous worksites, all supported by best-in-class customer service and support.


Leading industry partners play a key role with SafeAI in joint collaboration efforts on initiatives across autonomy, electronification and ESG. On-site support partners are crucial to our successful deployment and servicing of our autonomous vehicle and worksite technology.


We select best-in-class technology resources to support our array of product needs — from our aftermarket hardware that’s integral to our Autonomous Kit, to the connective network and infrastructure of every customer worksite.
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Our Global Presence

SafeAI is headquartered in Silicon Valley with in-country teams and offices strategically positioned across the globe to serve our customers.

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